Sedation Dentistry in Altamonte Springs, FLAltamonte Smiles is proud to offer different types of anesthesia to our patients to make their visits more comfortable.

The most common type of anesthesia used is local anesthesia. This prevents pain in a specific part of a patient’s mouth. This works by blocking the nerves to that area. We often use a topical anesthesia before using local anesthesia. This helps to numb the area before we inject the local anesthesia. This is most often used for cavities.

There are times when a patient needs more anesthesia for a procedure, whether they are anxious, or the procedure is painful. General anesthesia can be used in those cases where a loss of consciousness is required.

What is Sedation Dentistry?
For patient comfort and health, there are also times when procedures may require more anesthesia, so we also offer sedatives. These procedures may involve cosmetic, general, and restorative procedures.

With sedation dentistry, patients will be completely relaxed during treatment and have little or no recollection of the procedure. This can be ideal for patients who suffer from dental anxiety.

Sedatives are most effective if they are given before the procedure, but they can be given during if needed.

There are different types of sedatives. Some are inhaled as a gas, while others may come in a form of oral medication. In some cases, sedatives may also be given intravenously.

After your procedure, you may need to arrange for transport. We will monitor you for a few minutes after the procedure.

It is important to note that while sedatives may relax you, they are not pain relievers and local anesthesia may still be needed to provide adequate comfort during the procedure.

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